A Typical Sunday…

You park in front (or back) and stroll into the sanctuary around 9:35ish. Open the doors and greet the family. While your giving hugs and high-fives, your grabbin’ a cup of joe maybe even a donut or kolache (no one’s judging your carbs here!) The kids get some chocolate milk and maybe a taco.

Ten o’clock comes around and the kiddos go to their classrooms as you go to yours for some relational bible time with your sis’ or bros’.

Ten:50ish, you head out to grab a refill of some coffee or maybe some water. Maybe stop by the restroom to freshen up before you head back into the Sanctuary for some Praise and Worship time with God.

Around 12:15ish, Pastor prays and we go and have some lunch with the fam. Once a month though, we have lunch with the church fam, potluck style.

We are a family around here so sometimes we run a little late but that’s okay b/c God’s grace is bigger than our clock! (Just keeping it real.)

NOTE: We are a church plant so we are smaller than most churches. But that’s okay b/c we want you to feel welcome and at home.