Covid-19 Update

5/3 – Update

Over the last week or so, we’ve been in some contact about what local officials are saying about our abilities to meet for in-person services. Based upon the information available, the following dates have been established by our church leadership towards a reunification for our church:

May 10th – Online Service

May 17th – Drive-In service

May 25th – Drive-in service

May 31st – First possible in-person service OR Drive-In

June 7th – Possible in-person service

What is a Drive-In Service?

            All are welcome to visit the church and park in the parking lot. We will have a designated radio station to tune your car radio to and partake in service from the safety and comfort of your vehicle. Restrooms will be open but the building(s) will be closed to public.

Will in-person service be different?

            Yes. For the foreseeable future, we will not have in -person Sunday School. We also will not have breakfast. Due to health concerns, we will not have the coffee bar available nor the water fountain. We will however have water bottles on hand. We would strongly encourage you to bring your own, if possible. Restrooms will require a specific protocol for prevention of germ transmission. We will have a specific check list and steps listed later as well as attached to the doors. We will also have a “Pre-screen” before entrance where we check temperatures. Masks will be strongly suggested but not required. Seating will be different as well so we may ask you or your loved ones to move to be in accordance with 6ft requirements.

Why the check lists and protocols??

            As you know, germ and virus transmission are the reason we have not been able to meet for several weeks. While we will not live in fear, we have to be responsible and reasonable for how we utilize the facilities we share i.e. restrooms, doors, etc.

What can we do to help?

            We ask, if possible, each family donate Lysol spray, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer for use specific at church. We will sanitize the common touch items before and after services. As well as after each use of restroom facilities. We will need volunteers to help with hand sanitizer use, glove dispensing, and door holding.

Why the possible dates of in-person services?

            We have to follow state and local regulations. As of now, the data shows we are on an upward trend of increasing our capacities and abilities of meetings. However, should there be any change, we can easily redirect things as necessary.

Will we continue online services?

            Yes! We are currently working on enhancing our technology and equipment to continue and enhance our online experience.

I know there is a lot of information and processes we are missing: Those things will follow in the next couple of weeks as we prepare to meet in-person. You and your family’s health and safety are at the forefront of our meetings. God is a God of order so therefore, we will respect local/state/federal regulations and requests so as long as they do not contradict The Bible.

As I’ve stated previously, I know we all are ready to meet. In order for us to do this, it will take all of us together to pray, cooperate, and complete all the tasks in front of us. We have overcome many things as a body of Christ and as Paul said to the Romans in 8:31 “If God is for us, who can be against us?” Let us stand firm in our faith!

Pastor Erik

4/29 – Update

The survey is now closed. While local and state officials are making plans to incrementally open businesses, we are weighing all possible options for our congregation. Rest assured, we are looking at all possibilities for how and when we meet face-to-face. We will update you as soon as we have further information.

Pastor Erik

4/20 – Update

It looks like it’s been a month since I’ve updated you all on some news of the church. Locally, officials are working out plans for life to return to a new normal. What does that mean for the church? I know the circumstances are not ideal and can be downright painful however, we will continue to follow local and federal officials guidance for gatherings.

I have posted a survey for you all to fill out and give us some feedback. This will help with future plans as we attempt to move forward in this uncharted territory.

We will continue to livestream our service until we can gather differently. I look forward to a reunion with you all soon.

-Pastor Erik

3/20 – Update

We have setup a page that allows you to livestream our Sunday service without having to look through Facebook. Above is a page called “Watch Live” and when we go live Sunday at 11 AM, you will see live video. Service might not be as you recall in-person but it will be church!

Additionally, we have setup a link where you can tithe. We know and understand these are scarce times for everyone. Know that it is a scarce time for the church as well. Your gifts allow us to be able to operate. Just because we cannot meet in person does not mean our bills stop. So please, continue to give as you can. The link above is called “GIVE.”

We will have to plan to meet digitally for the next four weeks. When we finally get to meet in-person again, it will be a time of great joy, happiness, and celebration! It reminds me of what things might be like when we reunite in Heaven with our family that has gone to wait for us; as the hymn says “When we all get to Heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be!”

I want us to hold a digital bible study that we could all attend. We could meet on a platform called Zoom depending on who all is interested. If you are, please text/call and let us know. We plan to meet on Tues and Thurs at 7PM.

Pray for the families dealing with positive test results. Pray for our leaders. Pray for our First Responders. Pray for our doctors, nurses, hospital workers, and all medical personnel. Pray for our mayor, county judge(s), governor, and president. These times are uncharted and stressful for all leaders of every kind and level. Pray for God’s grace upon this world.

With love and prayer,

Pastor Erik

3/16 – Update

At the request of local and federal officials, we will not be meeting in person on Sundays for the next few weeks. This of course will be evaluated from week to week or month to month as is necessary.

The great thing is, we can still meet online. This past Sunday we tested a live service via Facebook Live. This is not a private viewing and you do not need to have an account to view it. It will be open to anyone who wants to join us online. There is a Facebook link on this page and you can find us here:

Church, this is not a time to get anxious, remember what Jesus said in the Gospel of Matthew 6: 25-34; Focus on verse 34. This is a time for growth in our prayer and especially our faith.

For His Kingdom,

Pastor Erik


Church Family, I am sure all of you have been watching TV and following the recent events related to COVID-19 aka coronavirus. So below, I’ve put some basic information for all of us to follow in the coming days/weeks.

Local officials have requested that all groups of 250 and more to stop meeting publicly at the advice of health officials. Our church is under that request. With that in mind, we have to keep everyone’s best interest at heart.

Because God is a God of grace and order and failing to plan is planning to fail, we have to adopt a few protocols:

  • If you have any symptoms (cough, fever, runny nose, etc.) we respectfully ask that you stay home.
  • If your family members (that live with you) have these symptoms, please stay home.
  • We have hand sanitizer and tissue placed in the sanctuary, please use it.
  • I know we are family, so for the time being, it would be best to not hug or shake hands Again, all in love.

For those who have to stay home, we are working on streaming our service live via a platform that will allow us to continue as a digital family. While not ideal, it is in the best interest of others.

This is a time for the church to rise up in a way that many may have not considered:

  • First and foremost, we pray. We pray for God’s wisdom and grace to abound in this highly confusing and trying time.
  • Study The Word. You likely have more time on your hands; time to get studied up on God’s word. His wisdom overcomes all.
  • Connect with your neighbors. This is the perfect time to connect with your neighbors and share the gospel that is grace and peace even in the storms of life.
  • Spend time with the family. Often times, we take for granted the blessings that are our immediate/extended family. Cherish the blessing that this time is.

Questions you may have:

  1. Will we have church?
    1. YES! God has granted us a unique opportunity to be able to meet and so while our service(s) will be modified, God desires intimate time with Him in His house.
  2. Are we planning for our Easter Egg Hunt?
    1. YES! Failure to plan is planning to fail. This event could be a great opportunity for us to connect with our neighbors in the community who have been locked up for a couple of weeks.
  3. Will we do outreach?
    1. Sadly, no. It is in our best interest to not closely interact with others in an unknown environment at this time.
  4. So why are we still planning for April 4th?
    1. There is only one person in all of creation that knows the future; God. He has not spoken to us about that specific event so until then, we plan as if we will.
  5. If there is a quarantine, will we still meet? (Can we meet?)
    1. Like previously stated, we are working on streaming our service online. If it’s Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or another service, we will have the link available on this site during our normal service time: 11AM on Sunday.

For the foreseeable future, we will only have Praise and Worship Service at 11AM. No Sunday School small groups at this time.

I am sure you may have more questions. Feel free to call, text, or email.

Please pray for our church, our city, our state, and our country. Pray for our leaders to have wisdom and grace to make the best decisions in our interests. Pray for God’s grace through this entire process. It is certainly something to reflect on one day, in the near future.

Peace and Grace from Our Lord,

Pastor Erik

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